Strep By Strep....

Style : or how the Dream House became the headquarters of the Alexander Fleming Fan Club.

It all started with number two, who came home from school on Tuesday feeling a little "woozy." Not a whiner or a complainer by nature (unless he feels one of his brothers is getting something and he is not) I kept him home and took him to the doctor. Strep.

We are all a bit susceptible. The youngest Blandings went down Friday. I'm sad to say, I woke up with it yesterday. My sincerest apologies to everyone at both parties I attended this weekend. More tomorrow when my head isn't aching and my throat isn't a-flame. Penicillin is a wonder drug.

Image, above, unsourced dream bedroom from the files. This is where I wish I were convalescing, instead of the rumpled mess that is my reality.


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