Urban Dwellings

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Right before I realized all my hopes contained in the River Market Antique Mall were someone else's reality, I had stopped in to see Jaclyn Banash right around the corner.

Jaclyn owns Urban Dwellings, in which her darling but exhausted pup, Simone, has an interest.  Or she has an interest in this cozy carpet at least.

Simone is not for sale, of course, but Jaclyn has stocked her shop with many treasures that you can take with to make your home your own.

Urban Dwellings is a great combination of new pieces by Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams and Oly with a mix of antique and vintage pieces.

Do stop in and check it out whether you need a new accent or a new sofa.

Jaclyn is an interior designer and design services are available.

If you are lucky, you might get to meet Simone, too.

Click here, or venture out to 412 Delaware in the River Market.


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