Inspired by India (no, not Hicks)

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One of the fascinating guests at the dinner Tuesday night was Susan Gordon.  I'd like to throw in a comma and call her a jewelry designer, but.

But before she was a jewelry designer, she worked for the State Department as the chief of staff for international negotiation on global warming.

Working on an advance team for the Clinton administration she fell hard for India.

"I felt that I had come full circle - my concern for the global environment had brought me to India, and once there, India guided me on a new life path."

I can't say I wouldn't have rather had her working on global warming for the last eight years, but these cuffs are simply fantastic.  All her pieces are made with 22k gold and crafted by hand so each piece is unique.

You can shop Gordon's pieces on-line, or, if you are in New York today or tomorrow, drop into the locations above.   I've seen the pieces on and they are stunning.  Trust me on this.  Foreign policy might not be one of my strengths, but jewelry?  I could write a heck of a position paper on jewelry.  

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