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I was a nerd in high school.  While I hated junior high (this is middle school for any of you younger folks) I wasn't un-cool yet.  My nerdliness hit me full in the face following a Dorothy Hamill haircut and a full set of braces.  Add to the equation being 4'10" and completely flat chested and my fate was sealed.  

My mother said I was "cute" and I never, ever, believed her.  Kansas City artists Nicholas and Angela, however, have made being square beyond cute.  Working from their studio in the Arts Incubator they have crafted the adorable and irresistible Nerdbots.

Created from found objects at antique stores and thrift shops, this husband and wife team have assembled a gallery of robots that have some social quirks.

Do you think I am applying my free-wheeling imagination to suppose this?  Am not.  The pair has provided a brief personality profile for each piece.

I like this guy for his Roman nose.

But I'm head over heels for Hilti as we have so much in common.  Gosh, but I loved Lite Brite.

These girls and guys are on display at Hall's on the Plaza through February 23rd.  The artists will make appearances this Saturday, the 7th, and next.

I am going to take the boys as I think they will get a huge kick out of them.  And the youngest will want to ride the escalator.  Everyone will want a piece of Christopher Elbow chocolate for not knocking over the pedestals.

If you are inspired to take one home, your Nerdbot will be safe and sound until the exhibit is complete.

Nerds need love, too you know.

If you are not "in town" you can view the Nerdbots on-line here.


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