Bo Joseph at Soho House

Style : A few of you commented on the great piece of art in my big-city friend's apartment.

The artist, Bo Joseph, is part of a show hosted by KiptonART and the Sears-Peyton Gallery at the Soho House through the end of October. There is a reception in the White Room, Wednesday, October 10th, from 7 to 9. The following pieces will be showcased:

Untitled, 2004

Untitled, 2005

Traveler's Delusion, 2006

Artifice of the Well Fed, 2006

You do need reservations - check for availability at You can find out more about the exhibit through Kipton or Sears-Peyton.

If you are in NYC, stop in, say "hi", tell Bo Mrs. Blandings sent you. He'll know what you're talking about. I know Bo and his beautiful and charming wife. She's from KC.


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