By George!

Style : Painted chest, Northern Maine, 19th c.

I think I've mentioned before that I work in an antique shop twice a week. George Terbovich is legend here "in town." Mr. Terbovich has clients nation-wide, but offices out of this charming little strip of shops in one of our older neighborhoods.

Papier mache topiaries, French, circa 1880

Last December one of the tenants left Crestwood, where George works his magic, so he placed some antiques in the spot so the space would not be empty for the holidays. Guess what? They started to sell.

Pine side table, Maine, 19th c.

George's eye is infallible and his nature sublime.

Iron urn, Virginia, 18th c.

No prima donna here, I've never seen him be anything other than gracious and kind. And funny. And I'm not just saying that because he's my boss.

George V leather arm chair, English, 19th c.

George has a lifestyle store in the front of his design studio. I stopped in last February to buy a dog ball and end up with a job.

Yellow pine cupboard, English, 19th c. and vintage French faux bois planters

It wasn't really my intent to get into retail, but these pieces spoke to me.

Carved oak Italian mirror, early 18th c.

In the meantime, I've gotten to work with a lovely group of people.

One of a pair, Hepplewhite chairs

Sometimes you just have to step off the ledge - whether it's a boxer puppy, a light-up ball to tire her out or a little part-time job that makes your heart sing.


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