Gilt, No Guilt!

Style : Here's a little treat to brighten your day and you don't even have to be up early to get the goods.  You might know about a jazzy little group of some pretty smart folks who thought, "Why should New Yorkers have all the fun?" when it comes to sample sales.
So they hooked up with some stylish goods and put their sample sales on line.  Yep, terrific stuff at up to 70% off.  Membership is by invitation only (this is usually where I get tripped up) and they have invited me and I am inviting you.
Membership is free once you are invited.  Just log on and take a look at what they've found.  Sales are on a first-come-first serve basis and usually last 36 hours.  As you may have guessed from the images some items from Mrs. John L. Strong will go on sale today at noon Eastern time.  Watch for Ankasa later this week. also represents clothing designers for both men and women.  Names you might recognize.  Like Oscar and Kate.

Just to clarify, I don't get a darn thing out of the deal.  Geez, you're such a skeptic.


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