Goo oup o.

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There is a series of books the boys love about Martha, a dog who eats alphabet soup and then is able to talk.  Delightfully drawn and cleverly written we have all enjoyed Martha.

Martha has a love of words and a low tolerance for nonsense.  Martha and I have a lot in common.

In the third installment, Granny Flo decides to eliminate half the letters in the alphabet soup severely limiting Martha's ability to communicate.  Let me assure you, every single time you read, "Goo oup o," to a five year old, he will laugh his head off.

Last night was girls' night and I hosted.  As the youngest was still (!) home from Christmas vacation (can anyone still remember Christmas?) I wimped out.  I bought the soup.  Rather than being a slight to my guests, I assure you they came out ahead, because I bought my soup from Todd, The Happy Soupmaker.

Actually Todd owns The Happy Soupeater, an organization that cooks up all-natural, all-delicious soup.  If you are within the delivery area here in Kansas City, he'll bring it right to your door each and every Saturday.   No Soup Nazi this guy.  He was having so much fun making soup he opened his own restaurant, Happy Gillis.  A great joint for lunch with a friend or to pick up something terrific and take it with.

To top it off, I bought cookies.  Ok, ok, total slacker, I know.  But, again, everyone wins.  Boulevard Bakery cookies.  These aren't those cookies that just look good but taste like sawdust.  They're amazing.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.  Again, just for the locals.  They don't ship and they don't take plastic, but they are worth the trip.

As for Martha, she convinces Granny Flo of the importance of putting all the letters back in the soup.  "Good soup is your business."  Just like Todd's.

By the way, I can make the Wizard of Oz reference.  You can't.  Martha Blah Blah and the other Martha books written and illustrated by Susan Meddaugh.


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