There's a New, Old Kid in Town

Style : Wednesday I was driving around the Crossroads district waiting for Retro Inferno to open. The Crossroads is a jazzy little area that used to be a bit of a no-man's-land recently taken over by artists and entrepreneurs. Now it's the place to be.

So while driving around for ten minutes might seem a bit of a waste, down here it's always a good idea because great spots are constantly popping up.

But not usually quite this great. Driving down 18th St. I saw a small sign. "Art and Antiques." Ok, I like art and antiques. I had no idea.

Scott and Warren opened three weeks ago. While it's a new spot, John Scott has been around a bit. He owned an antique shop at 45th and State Line (our antique district) for a few years, then managed another interiors shop in the Crossroads for a while. Here, he and Paige Warren have crafted the perfect mix of classic design, mid century pieces and really terrific art.

John was there when I dropped by and you can feel his enthusiasm.

I love it when I go into a shop and I can see the appeal in each piece. I might not want everything I see, but I understand why someone would. This is one of those shops.

The art is mixed through the funiture and objets in the front, but there is also gallery space in the back. The pieces above are by Inez Storer.

The black and white pieces (that knocked my socks off) are by Warren. The pieces to the left are her mother, Jacqueline Warren's, work.

Any shop that helps scratch your itch for Hollywood Regency,

and has a little Van Day Truex look-alike hanging around, that's someplace you need to go.

Scott and Warren is at 110 W. 18th St. They are open 10 - 5, T-S. As an added bonus, they are open for First Fridays, our gallery walk down in the Crossroads.

Run, don't walk.


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