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With the city, literally, behind us, Mr. Blandings and I headed with our friend to his home in Sag Harbor for the remainder of the weekend. I don't know what image pops into your head when you hear "Hamptons, " but I was so relieved to find that Sag Harbor was not so much about the bling as the being. The city was primarily a whaling town that eventually caught the eye of artists and writers. It's downtown has a wonderful Eastern beach town aesthetic; you will find no Tiffany or Polo or even Scoop here (although they are close by.)

Our friend's house is a light-filled dream on an inlet of "brackish" water that is the home to a variety of wildlife, one being either an eel or an otter depending on whom you ask. We picked wild grapes off the vine as we wandered in and out of the house,

and two years ago, made a most delicious apple crumble from the tree in the front yard.

(Our friend is sure the tree provides so much fruit because it heard him refuse to remove it to accommodate the drive way.)

Need to unwind? Come sit by the pool...

or walk around back to watch the geese (or eel, or otter.)

Like to bring a friend? There's an adorable guest house right here.

If you're ready, come inside, there is always good company, good food and lively conversation.

There is something so serene about this place. I visited several times with different friends and every one's reaction is always the same. It's very special. I'm not sure if it's the place or the friend. Oh, wait. I am sure.


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