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I have to admit, I often avoid the book of the moment. It maybe a Lohanian over-exposure turn off. A bit of a belief that I'll only be disappointed as the send up has been so great. I had not read eat,pray,love by Elizabeth Gilbert for just that reason. But, a woman I like a lot recommended this book and then went as far as to bring it to me. Well, I'm from the mid-west. At that point, it would have been rude not to read it. Or as my mother would have said, "Tacky."

I do like it, you can read your own reviews and plot outlines, but one of the things that intrigued me was a concept the author introduced in the "eat" section, while she was in Rome. Her friend tells her you cannot live in a city if you are not in sync with it's "word." He tells her that each city has one word that describes it. He claims Rome's is the big s-e-x; she defines New York by "achieve."

My question is, what one word would you use to describe your city? I'll start. For Kansas City, I would say "tradition."


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