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Remember these two?  Joe Nye?  Eddie Ross?  I mentioned them in the same post last Thursday and they both emailed to tell me they would be attending the same event that very night.

And would I like to come?  Would I!  Sadly, no private jet in the Blandings's stables to whisk me off to New York, so I had to make do with lots of good snaps the next day.

Joe hosted a show for the Dutch Touch Art Company.  Barbara von Schreiber and Shawn Silver are a mother and daughter team who are supplying hand painted decorative canvases based on little known masters of  the sixteenth through nineteenth centuries, along with some original work.

Traditional themes with a modern twist, the canvases are generally quite large.

The beautiful, graphic pieces would surely add some punch to any interior.

Hmmm...even the duck club, perhaps?

I do wish I could have been there.  These 20 x 20 paintings particularly caught my eye.  This is what I usually want to do with paintings anyway - stand so close, nose almost touching, to see every detail.

And look, they had the perfect perch for me right there decked in green and white floral just in case I wore less than sensible shoes.

Not that I could have borne sitting in a corner with all that sparkling company bouncing around.  The exhibit is open through November 1st at the Art & Design Building, 1059 3rd Ave.  Pop in if you have a chance.

The event was also hosted by Downtown and the Claremont Showroom.  Photos courtesy of Eddie Ross and Jaithan Kochar, making them the perfect guests.


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