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Mr. Blandings, Sr. has asked for suggestions for a spit and polish for the Colorado cottages. Above is the main room of the main house. It's dark, but so many of it's elements are exceptional. The stone fireplace is a knock out; there is a similar one on the front porch. The wood beams are beautiful and graphic. The entire property is heavily wooded, which is wonderful and cool, but, again, dark.

The August '07 issue of House Beautiful offered a wonderful lay out which has become the "inspiration board" for the main house. Gil Schafer's work on this 1939 Connecticut lake house is fantastically fresh.

While the beams in the living room are outstanding, most of the woodwork is, well, just wood. In fact, some of it appears to be painted brown instead of stained. It would be great to leave the beams and the mantle and paint the rest of the woodwork white. And the walls. White. Buckets and buckets of white.

Sisal rugs would certainly lighten the floors, and as the house is only used in summer, they would not need to be replaced with something warmer in the winter.

The floors would be a great way to add color to the bedrooms without making them cave-like. A lot of the existing furniture in the bedrooms is - well, if I say 1940's green will you know what I mean? Not quite blue enought to be mint; not quite yellow enough to be citrus. The blue floor above would work great in the "honeymoon suite."

The back corner in the picture, top, used to have a banquette. Replacing it would be a nice way to bring in some more fabric and color.

Even if we don't paint all the trim, perhaps it would turn out something like this:

These images Cottage Living, May/June 2006

You know I trust your judgement; any and all suggestions are welcome.


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