Style :
I hate to shop.  I know you fashionistas will think this is a cop out, but I love J. Crew.  Always have.  I think it's easy.  And, by the way, I'm not on the red carpet, I'm in the carpool line so it works just swell.  Anyway, I'm flipping through the latest and I notice this...

And, their stylishly messy-haired models are wearing one in almost every image.

"Collection" is a stretch as there is one.  (If a collection is one then I have a collection of diamond rings, Ted Muehling candlesticks and boxer pups.)  But it's a good one.  Rolex 14K gold "shell" Oyster Perpetual on riveted Oyster bracelet.  Note that for their first selection they chose yellow gold.  This is the men's model.  For the record, the scale of a vintage man's watch on a woman's wrist is near perfection.  Can't wait to see what's next.  


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