Style : What more could a girl want?  The Dream House, as captured by Patricia van Essche.

Occasionally, I will get a little something in my email in-box from someone who seems friendly, but really wants something from me.  For example, they love the content of my blog, but they want to put an ad with a person dancing in the margin.  And, somehow, I don't think these folks really get me.  In fact, I think they might be sending these emails to a lot of people.  Really.

Which might be the case with a charming gentleman last week, but his request was intriguing.  Wells Fargo is hosting a contest called "Someday Stories."  You can write up a little something about how $100,000 could change your life -like own your own home, or start your own business, or just about any darn thing - and you are entered to win a grand prize of a hundred grand.  Other prizes may come your way as well.

The thing is, the nice man who emailed me, I mean, I get that it's his job, but he mentioned that I have the Dream House, so I would have to come up with something else.  You see my point?  He had actually read the blog.  See?  Charming.

I did submit an entry and I encourage you to do the same.  It was a great exercise to sit down and think about what I would want someday and write it up in 250 words or less.  Fortunately for me I'm trained as a broadcast news writer so I can communicate, sometimes even accurately, in relatively few words.  

Someday I'd like to be a writer who is able to use more.  


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